Gör Skillnad Tillsammans

Smarter everyday choices. Together.
Curious to know what this symbol stands for? Well, it’s a small thing that carries a very important message. We call it Make Change Together, and it’s our way to help you make smarter choices for you and your family, for society and for our planet.
We know that many of us want to live a healthier & more sustainable lifestyle, but it’s hard to know which are best ways to do it. Which brands in [meeting place name] are taking real environmental and social actions? Which products are made from recycled materials or have a reliable eco-label? Which of our delicious food offerings are better for your health and the planet, for example with meat-free options? Which stores encourage customers to minimize the use of single use plastics? What actions are brands taking with energy consumption or recycling? With so many questions, it can be hard to know which way to turn!
That’s why we’ve done part of the job for you: we’ve teamed up with our partners who provide more sustainable products or services, who are taking concrete actions to reduce their environmental footprint, or have a positive social impact - by using our Make Change Together symbol to make them easier to spot. This way, we make it easier for you to make conscious choices and take smart steps today that can add up to big changes tomorrow.
So, next time you want to make a difference, or find out more about what we and our partners at [meeting place name] are doing, simply look for the Make Change Together symbol and make a choice that’s good for you, for people and for our planet.