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Go Cirkulär (Circuit)

    * E N   D E L   A V   C I R C U I T *

    Go Cirkulär is a skincare brand based in Malmö. We develop skincare products with the focus on maintaining skin health. Our products are made with 100% Natural ingredients, free from chemicals, preservatives or perfumes, making our products suitable for all skin types. Our business model is inspired by the circular economy because we believe that the imminent present and future are circular.

    We believe by going circular, we can help revert the impact made to our planet and to reduce the overconsumption of natural resources and for us, sustainability starts in our bathrooms.
    At Circuit, you will find our first line of products inspired by the coffee waste problem. A fantastic Award winning body scrub that will smooth and revitalize your skin, an aromatherapy activating body oil to activate your circulation, and, a wonderful face serum to nourish and repair your skin. All our products use upcycled coffee as an active ingredient, as it is scientifically proven having numerous benefits on the skin. To learn more about Go Cirkulär and our products visit www.gocirkular.com or our Instagram @gocirkular.

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